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Chi Kung (“breath work”) is an ancient Chinese form of controlled body movement, breathing and mental concentration techniques. It is a meditative art that stills your mind and relaxes your body.

Historically, Chinese Masters taught Chi Kung in conjunction with various martial arts disciplines. Stress reduction, energy mobilization, and increased stamina are just three benefits of sustained Chi Kung practice.

Chi Kung balances and enhances your physical, metabolic and mental functions. In China it is also widely practiced as a potent adjunct to healing. As Eastern and Western research into its therapeutic value increases, many Western doctors are becoming more aware of Chi Kung's clear medical and general health benefits.

Rising Tao Integrative Health offers you both courses and private sessions in Chi Kung to help you meet your health objectives and reclaim your well-being.

“I have always been one to explore new avenues for managing stress and achieving optimal general health and balance. Chi Kung has been an absolutely marvelous tool in my arsenal. It is both easy to learn and follow, and requires a minimal daily time commitment. Your course was enjoyable, informative and well thought out.”
Marc Elman, CA, CBV, Ptack Schnarch Basevitz
Chartered Accountants

“I would highly recommend Mr. Cormack's Chi Kung course to anyone who wishes to fight stress, learn how to relax, and unleash their creative potential. His teaching is both efficient and compassionate. I found myself looking forward to the weekly class, not only for the benefit of learning and practicing my Chi Kung skills, but also for the pleasure of sharing some quality time with the instructor.”
Johanne Lacoste, Reiki Master

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