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Reiki is an ancient healing art that distributes energy throughout your body to enhance your natural vitality. It remedies many ailments, including stress, migraine headaches, depression, sciatica, insomnia, and numerous forms of pain. It also helps speed up recovery time from illness and injury.

Reiki transfers energy from the practitioner to you through the hands. It is simple, safe and effective. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and pleasant experience, enjoyed by millions worldwide. A 2002 study indicated that there were over one million U.S. adults who had experienced Reiki treatments.

Rising Tao Integrative Health offers you treatments, courses and private sessions in Reiki.

“The help he gave me with prostate cancer has enabled me to survive this disease over eleven years to date, when the medical establishment gave me a maximum of two to three years to live. My oncologist cannot understand why I am still alive. Craig is clearly an innovative and natural healer. He is dedicated and caring to all he meets. I highly recommend him to anyone facing the challenges of cancer.”
Archie Crawford, Director, Teleglobe Canada (retired)

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