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“In the 10 years that I have known Craig Cormack I have found him to be a caring and conscientious individual. I am confident in his abilities as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and I have referred both patients and colleagues to him. The feedback I consistently receive from these people is that they truly appreciate Craig's gentle, empathic and respectful nature and the attention he brings to working with them on their health goals.

“In my work I am struck by how often I need to move beyond the strictly medical approach in order to deal with the suffering and illness burden of my patients. In this context, Craig offers a wide variety of interventions and courses that deal with the mind-body connection in a way I find particularly helpful. I highly recommend Craig's services to any person who is looking to heal common ailments and make significant progress on their path to optimum health and vitality.”
Dr. Allan Fielding, MDCM, FRCP(C)
Senior Psychiatrist
McGill University Health Centre

“Craig genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients.”
Rae Shepp, MA, Educator

“I have known Craig Cormack for the last 20 years. He is a very hard-working and conscientious individual in Chinese medicine, massotherapy and Chi Kung. I have complete confidence in his abilities.”
Dr. Ricardo Zarruk, MD, PhD

“For more than two years I had been suffering from acute joint pain in my knees. I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and prescribed Celebrex. As this medication was known to have adverse side effects, I sought alternative remedies for my pain and stiffness. I began a course of treatment with Craig Cormack that had the immediate effect of lessening my pain and joint instability. Now, after four months, I have no need to take any pain medication whatsoever.”
Caroline Vanderbilt, LLD
Consultant in International Ocean Law

“The help he gave me with prostate cancer has enabled me to survive this disease over eleven years to date, when the medical establishment gave me a maximum of two to three years to live. My oncologist cannot understand why I am still alive. Craig is clearly an innovative and natural healer. He is dedicated and caring to all he meets. I highly recommend him to anyone facing the challenges of cancer.”
Archie Crawford, Director, Teleglobe Canada (retired)

“Thank you Craig for saving my life [through Tai Chi] and for creating an environment that can help cure the pain not only physical but also moral due to exhaustion. You have respected my condition, not imposing a certain rhythm of apprenticeship that would have put too much pressure and I am also grateful for that approach.”
Louise Renaud, Lawyer, Professor of Law
Université de Montréal

“I have been studying Tai Chi with Craig Cormack for almost four years now. I've lost and kept off almost 40 pounds, my blood pressure is normal, and my joints have become stronger and more flexible. My balance and muscle tone has increased as well. Mentally, I'm calmer and more focused. Tai Chi is a gentle but thorough way to work the muscles of the body. I would recommend it to anybody looking to improve their health.”
Angela Brewer, Lab Technician

“Thank you for all the marvelous body work you have done on me the past two years. The healing touch you possess, the skills acquired through your training are unique. I have benefited greatly from choosing you to be my massage therapist. The last time I saw you I was suffering greatly from a back injury and could hardly move. After our session I was able to function again and following your recommendations, each day got better.”
Anne Howard, Writer and Publicist

“Craig is a most inventive and scientific as well as highly spiritual individual, with an uncommon devotion to the well-being of his patients.”
Dr. Mario Wexu, Director, Wexu Institute of Acupuncture and Chinese Massotherapy

“I have found the Chinese massage practiced by Mr. Cormack to be deeply relaxing for my muscles and I have felt completely balanced in terms of my energy. Mr. Cormack's treatments are long lasting. Before my back muscles were tight, tender and frozen with pain all of the time. I appreciate the precise treatment of the therapy and Craig's fundamental respect in every session.”
Françoise Poitras, School Teacher (retired)

“I have seen Craig for many sessions of acupressure and massage. He is a gentle soul with a great knowledge of the energetic and physical body. I always leave there with a feeling of complete peace and serenity.”
Karen Mosuk, Reiki Master

“A very gentle man, well-educated in the sciences and natural products. He is a soft and gentle healer, conscientious. He puts everything into his massage.”
Dr. Milenka Jonas, BSc, ND

“I have always been one to explore new avenues for managing stress and achieving optimal general health and balance. Chi Kung has been an absolutely marvelous tool in my arsenal. It is both easy to learn and follow, and requires a minimal daily time commitment. Your course was enjoyable, informative and well thought out.”
Marc Elman, CA, CBV, Ptack Schnarch Basevitz
Chartered Accountants

“I would highly recommend Mr. Cormack's Chi Kung course to anyone who wishes to fight stress, learn how to relax, and unleash their creative potential. His teaching is both efficient and compassionate. I found myself looking forward to the weekly class, not only for the benefit of learning and practicing my Chi Kung skills, but also for the pleasure of sharing some quality time with the instructor.”
Johanne Lacoste, Reiki Master

“Craig is a patient, understanding and gracious teacher.
The class [in Chi Kung] has been an oasis.”
Althea Russel, Homemaker

“I highly recommend Craig Cormack as a Tai Chi and Chi Kung instructor. He is a very honest, patient, and caring individual. Craig also has a great sense of humor and is always a lot of fun to be with! In my opinion these are very important qualities for a teacher.”
Elizabeth A. Gilberg, BSc, BSW
Reiki Master-Teacher
Holistic Healer

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