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Chinese Massotherapy

Chinese Massotherapy (“Tuina”) is a form of acupressure and massage rooted in a 2000-year-old Chinese medical tradition. Doctors use Tuina to help patients heal in hospitals in China.

Sometimes called Chinese physiotherapy, Tuina uses the same diagnostic methods, meridians (energy channels), and pressure points as acupuncture–but without the needles.

Tuina helps relieve pain and stress and is a very relaxing experience. It helps bring your body back to a natural, drug-free and energetic balance.

Rising Tao Integrative Health offers you affordable and effective Chinese Massotherapy treatments and courses. Our massage programs treat and relieve, among many other conditions, stress, high blood pressure, digestive problems, insomnia, migraine headaches, tendonitis, respiratory problems and carpal tunnel syndrome.

“I have found the Chinese massage practiced by Mr. Cormack to be deeply relaxing for my muscles and I have felt completely balanced in terms of my energy. Mr. Cormack's treatments are long lasting. Before my back muscles were tight, tender and frozen with pain all of the time. I appreciate the precise treatment of the therapy and Craig's fundamental respect in every session.”
Françoise Poitras, School Teacher (retired)

“Thank you for all the marvelous body work you have done on me the past two years. The healing touch you possess, the skills acquired through your training are unique. I have benefited greatly from choosing you to be my massage therapist. The last time I saw you I was suffering greatly from a back injury and could hardly move. After our session I was able to function again and following your recommendations, each day got better.”
Anne Howard, Writer and Publicist

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